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Restorative Dentistry At Your Cottonwood Dentist

Dental Bridges in Maple Ridge

Dental bridges allow your Cottonwood Dentist to fill in any gaps in your smile with a durable restoration, helping you regain the ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently. Our experienced dental team works alongside a professional dental laboratory to create an exact match for your missing tooth or teeth.

Your Cottonwood Dentist Bridges the Gap with Beautiful Tooth Restorations

Dental bridges are false teeth held in place securely by “bridges” to the surrounding teeth. Most bridges are connected to the adjacent teeth and secured in place with dental crowns. However, there may be special cases where other types of bridges are used, including:

  • Maryland bridges (held in place by the natural teeth, rather than crowns)
  • Cantilever bridges (held in place on only one side)
  • Implant-supported bridges (supported by implants on one or both sides)

The type of dental bridge you need depends on the condition of your supporting teeth, how many teeth are missing, and your ultimate goals for your oral health. After a full examination, our dentists can provide you with a customized treatment plan and explain your best options for restorative treatments.

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If you are looking for restorative dental treatments for missing teeth, reach out to book an examination with the dental team at Cottonwood Dental. Your Cottonwood dentist looks forward to helping you achieve a fully restored smile with dental bridges and other dental restoration options.

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